The Technology Innovation District (TID) Accelerator Project is being executed under a five (5) year loan from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to promote the growth of Jamaica’s Global Services Sector. The Jamaica Promotions Corporation (JAMPRO) is the executing agency on behalf of the Government of Jamaica.

The Call

If you are an ambitious local tech and digital entrepreneur who is interested in up-scaling your professional services business to potentially provide services and solutions to clients outside of Jamaica, the TID Accelerator initiative will be of interest to you.

The Opportunity

TID Accelerator is a virtual one-year, cohort-based programme, designed to help build the capacity of local tech firms and provide access to business opportunities that will grow the revenue of cohort participants. Participation in the Accelerator initiative requires no financial investment for those who qualify, and requires only your commitment and willingness to invest the time required to take your firm to the next level by the end of December 2023, to date when Phase 1 of the TID Project will end.

This initiative has been specifically developed for local tech firms that provide services and solutions in the following lines of business:

  • Software Development 
  • Application Development (Mobile & Web)  
  • Cybersecurity 
  • Digital Service Management   

To be considered for enrolment in the Technology Innovation District (TID) Accelerator Project, the firms must: 

  1. Already provide services and solutions in any of the lines of business that are the focus of the TID Project. 
  2. Be relatively successful thus far; 
  3. Must have a foundation that is strong enough for them to be scalable and ready for “acceleration”; and 
  4. Can benefit from being connected to the Global Services supply chain.  

The services offered by the TID Accelerator will include: 

  • Capacity Building 
  • Mentorship  
  • Training 
  • B2B Meetings 
  • Business Exposure; and 
  • Access to markets that have been assessed as having potential demand. 

What’s in it for you?

  • An Accelerator Health Check for your organisation – An assessment of your organisation’s ability to benefit from the program and identification of the areas within your Business Model, that will need to be strengthened. 
  • Capacity Building – A set of organisational strengthening interventions that are aimed at filling the most critical gaps identified by your “Health Check” and facilitated by Subject Matter Experts. 
  • Coaching and Mentoring – Guidance and the distillation of lessons learnt from industry and subject matter experts who have taken journeys that are similar to the one on which you are embarking.  
  • Attending International & Local Tech Events – Gain valuable knowledge and insights. 
  • Networking – Connection to other tech entrepreneurs and corporate entities.
  • Access to Qualified Leads – The opportunity to submit your company’s proposals to clients who want to engage providers of services and solutions in the selected lines of business.
  • Promotion & Exposure – An opportunity to promote your company’s offerings at expos and conferences. 
  • Avenues to access financial support – Guidance as to where the “financing windows” exist through which any required funding (grant or loan) may be solicited. 







A 5-year project funded by the Inter-American Development Bank that will provide Jamaicans with access to training and better jobs in the global services sector, namely in knowledge process outsourcing, information technology outsourcing and business process outsourcing.

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